Wednesday, December 30, 2009

1st Tooth of many.....

So Kiara lost her 1 tooth yesterday....we had a visit from the tooth fairy last night....So fun. Here is her new mug!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Catching you up newsletter....

So Happy Holidays....Yep, I am back...I have totally neglected my blog for far too long....part of it is I am running out of storage and may actually have to cough up some money........we shall see.....We have been doing great and are amazed daily by our children, just living life and loving it.

Shawn continues to do amazing at work and I have taken on another job as well....I work for Shawn's parents (AGPRO) as well as my WSU job and after school care. Both of my real jobs (I consider after school care too much fun to be called a job) of course are done remotely...I love being able to continue to work from home while raising my 3 girls......I still can not believe how fast this year has zoomed by.....My dad and Ri were here for Christmas, it was so wonderful to spend the holidays with family....and of course Uncle Joel and Jessica came down for a visit too.....just love them to pieces!

Kiara loves school and she loves to do homework books (that is what she calls the Kumon learning books, she has like 6 of them), she will sit down and work in one for hours at a time, taking it wherever we go....She is growing up super fast and loves to act like the oldest.....mother hen like I suppose! She likes playing outside with boys in the 'hood....and she is one of the tallest in her class, neck and neck with the boys....She is pondering getting her hair cut shorter, we shall see how this develops!

Mikiah is doing wonderfully....she really loves school, music and dancing. We are getting ready to put her into ballet soon....she is so excited. She is my little sous chef in the kitchen and enjoys helping make all our is so fun for both of us to work together to get dinner on the table. She is pretty excited about her Paula Deen Cookbook she got for Christmas! On the health front all is good, insurance approved her to be able to take Growth hormone therapy....She just has to have an MRI and then we will get started. The shots will be daily and we will re access at a time in the future if they are helping. We will keep you posted on when we start and how she is progressing.

Lila is my little mischievous one. She likes to cause a little trouble here and there but she is so sweet.....She is a talker and she says so many sentences and statements that really blow Shawn and I away, it is like talking to a mini adult sometimes. She is just growing up too fast, she certainly doesn't act like a 2 1/2 year old until she throws a fit! She loves playing with her sisters, but is perfectly content going in her room, shutting her door and playing by herself. Which is good considering her sisters will be gone all day next year.....She will be attending preschool next year, probably 3 days a week...she is excited for that! On her health front we will be starting Physical Therapy soon but she is already running better then she use too.....

I have included an album with pics over that last few months, overkill I am sure....hopefully it will not be this long until I blog again!!! You can tell after the first few Christmas day pics the quality of pictures changing.....I got a new Nikon Digital SLR D3000 for Christmas, I LOVE IT! Hope this post finds everyone doing well and gearing up for a Happy New Year!
Fall-Winter 2009