Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fun Father's Day.....

Happy Father's Day to all those daddy's out there especially my dad, Jerry, Joe (my bro) and the best dad in the world, Shawn....We have had a wonderful day that started with the girls delivering Shawn coffee in bed followed by Breakfast Tacos in bed....although we did move to the table as the tacos can be messy....the girls and I baked Shawn a cake and made a BBQ dinner....they are so helpful....too fun! We did take time out of our day to get in a BodyPump class since we missed yesterday morning (we were out a bit too late the night before with the neighbors! Good Times!!)....felt good to get a work out in, I suppose I do not feel so bad eating the piece of cake I am eating right now....Ha!
Fun & Fathers Day 09

Now we are just gearing up for our road trip to WA state. I can not believe we will be heading out of here at the end of the week....just crazy! I have so much to do before then! Plus Thurs we have Lila's will be here before we know it.....the girls got some last minute supplies for the road trip yesterday, sleeping bags, shoes and sun glasses....I did manage to get our grocery shopping done for the road trip and this next it has been a wild fast weekend.....Hope everyone has great weeks ahead!


PaulaG said...

Hope all had a good day... Happy Father's Day again to Shawn. He has some pretty wonderful girls in his life. See you all real soon.
Love Mom

Molly said...

Glad you guys had a great Father's Day! Sounds like fun! We'll be thinking of you guys on Thursday for Lila's MRI. Glad you are busy this week though, than you hopefully won't think about it too much :) See you next week!