Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday and Halloween....Spoooooky!

So it seems I am always behind this year.....Oh well I suppose a short post is better then no post! Ha!

The girls celebrated their 6th birthday this October eating dinner at Grimaldi's Pizza, a great place to play with pizza dough before you eat, they love that! And us adults love eating there....So good! They were spoiled once again this year they had both Grandma and Nanna in town! So fun to have them both here!So Halloween was on a Sunday this year....made for some light fun! No adults partying and staying out until 3am like last year! The girls had fun trick or treating with me this was good fun, just love our 'hood, it is the perfect size to get through in a night.....Fun times....Shawn did an awesome job at carving the pumpkins the way the kids drew them....Kiara wanted the WSU Logo, must say dad did and awesome job on that.....Love Mikiah's pumpkin with all fun teeth....Too Cute! Some pics below....MJ getting all fairy-ed up! Kiara was Harry Potter (her favorite movies)! Lila was the purple My Little Pony....that girl just LOVES PURPLE! Mikiah's is on the left, Lila's is in the middle, and Kiara's is the Coug one!


Anonymous said...

Shawn is a great artist
love the pics

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Shawn is a great artist
love the pics.

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