Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Day for Boxes.....

So while we anxiously awaited the box from Grandma......we had a ring of the doorbell and who was it.....Nope, not UPS, it was the Mail Man......Delivering another box....yes that is right we got 2 boxes today.....Mom's friend Carol sent us a care package today too.....So sweet of her so here are the contents of the 1st box we received today (from Carol).....

2 Coloring Books
2 Kids Books (1 about sharing & 1 about name calling)
2 Pairs of gardening gloves (1 for me & 1 for Shawn, time to get to work outside Honey!)
1 Cute Purple Pair of Socks (for Lila)
1 Yellow Metal Citrus Juicer (which is exactly what I wanted and we needed!)

We were so excited to get a box we didn't expect and we are soooo thankful for all the goodies....Now time to make a thank you card!!!

After nap the UPS man made his way to the house....Contents of box # 2 for the day.....

3 Adorable Outfits (1 for each girl, the twins put theirs on a soon as they opened them)
2 4-Packs of Underwear (for the twins, they were soooo excited, and they needed them too as a few pairs are getting tooo small)
1 WSU Cougar Pen (for Shawn of course and it even lights up....OH YEAH! GO COUGS!!)
1 Mini Kite (Yes, My Mommy bought me are super cool Kite, now if I could just find some wind)
1 Mother and Daughter Album, Now I just need to find some picks for it...(maybe some of me and my mom!)
1 Grandma/Mom Scrapbook (So is my mother telling me something, I suppose I need to scrap her a Grandma Brag Book!! I am on it mom!)

So we have had a great box-filled day.....Thanks Mom and Thanks Carol.....I suppose I better finally send out the boxes that I have ready here....They have been sitting here for a little while....That's it, I am packing them all up this weekend and sending off on Monday.....4 boxes will be heading out......we shall see who the lucky recipients are.....

Here are the girls they love their new outfits!!! The girls were really excited and being silly in these pics! (I really need to make a hair appointments for them!)


MaryCatherine said...

Don't you just love getting boxes! That is always the best. Love the cupcake outfit :)

Erin said...

i love those pics...mikiah has such a cute little smile...what a great surprise to your day - 2 packages!! have a great friday - for two days!! (joe and shawn)

Anonymous said...

The girls look great in the outfits. I am glad they like them. It is always fun getting something in the mail. Hint, Hint!!! Have a great Friday. And don't for get to take one of Lila... I know she got a cute outfit too!!! L, M