Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Funnies of Motherhood.......

Kiara: I have to go potty
Mom: Then, go, go, go
(Kiara leaves room, hear door shut to bathroom)

3 min later

Kiara: MOMMY, come in here (yelling)
Mom: Ok, be there in a sec
Kiara (in a devilish voice): I have a surprise for you
Mom: Really, ok (wondering what it could be in the bathroom)
(Mom opens bathroom door)
Kiara: Look in the potty mom......See BIG, BIG Surprise
Mom: WOW, how great, that is a big poop in the potty for a little girl.
Kiara: Yeah, isn't it great!
Mom: I think its great that you poop in the potty all the time now!
Kiara: Mommy, will you wipe my butt, I don't want to get poop on my hands.

Oh, the fun times of motherhood......So here is the best part about having twins....about 2 hours later....

MJ: Mommy, I have to go potty
Mom: Ok, lets go (she still needs help pulling down her pants)
(Mom, leaves the bathroom)

5 min later

MJ: Mommy, I have a surprise for you, come in here
Mom: I'm coming...
(Mom, walks in bathroom)
MJ: MOMMY, I pooped in the potty.....that's my surprise for you!
Mommy: Why thanks MJ, so great that you are pooping on the potty all the time now!
MJ: I know, just like Kiara! I am potty trained, Mommy......

I just love that they learn from each other....So funny. I have also caught Kiara doing this to daddy too.... but it's usually followed by gagging from that bathroom when he goes in to see the "Surprise!".....Gotta love Daddy's gag reflex! (Sorry Honey, its just funny!).....Kiara now actually does this most times she poops, I just love to see her face when I go in to see my "Surprise"......So proud and confident!....With that I am happy to report I believe they are finally (what are they 3 1/2), for the most part done, with potty training. It is so nice to only have one child requiring diaper changes......


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! I am very proud of the girls. This is great news. Now they get to go to Chunky Cheese...
Great job Kiara and Mikiah!!! Way to stick with it. I can see their faces when you see the surprise...
L, Mom

Anonymous said...

You come up with the most entertaining poop stories...I think Shawn got his gag reflex from me ;)

L, D

Erin said...

yahoo! that is great! cuts down on the diaper bill that's for sure!!