Tuesday, April 29, 2008

100 Things....

So MK over at Peaches and Posh had a list posted and I said what the heck, I will try to come up with a 100 things to peak your interest....hopefully stuff many of you didn't know....

1. I am in love with my husband, Shawn
2. Have been for 10 years now
3. I have 3 girls
4. Two of them are twins
5. They all drive me crazy sometimes
6. But I love them so very much
7. I work for Washington State University
8. Remotely from home
9. I also graduated from there with a degree in Business Marketing
10. I went there to major in Chemistry
11. I am not cut throat enough for the business world
12. I hate Sales, but love to shop
13. I lived in Boston for 2 years with Shawn
14. We got a Boxer Puppy there
15. She is now 7 years old
16. I was an athlete in High School
17. I lettered in 3 sports (Volleyball, Basketball, Fast Pitch Softball)
18. I didn't have a ton of girlfriends
19. Melissa is still my best friend
20. Miss her tons
21. She is the most alike me when it comes to mothering
22. I love to cook
23. I find weekly menu planning fun and challenging
24. I like to grocery shop
25. And go down every isle
26. I like to buy shoes
27. High Heels are my Favorite
28. Especially when worn with Jeans & Tank
29. I love expensive purses
30. But I only own two
31. I like to drink wine
32. Especially wine from Washington State & Oregon
33. I like to fly kites
34. Especially on the Coast of Washington
35. I sometimes miss the smell of the ocean
36. and the Puget Sound
37. I miss my family
38. But I love our new life in Texas
39. I love going to the gym in the morning
40. I sometimes have a hard time getting out of bed to get there
41. I love Dark Chocolate
42. I believe in Climate Change/Global Warming
43. I try to be an Eco-Friendly Mommy buying Green Products & Recycling
44. I care about the Planet
45. I live by lists
46. I have made 3 lists while typing this one
47. I need a hair cut
48. It's getting way to long
49. I love to read
50. Especially to my kids
51. Dr Seuss is my favorite
52. I sometimes wish I could write like that
53. I like to go to the movies
54. Pride & Prejudice (the BBC TV Mini Series) is my favorite Jane Austen
55. It's the show I watch when I am sick or under the weather or blue
56. I do like all movies based on Jane Austen stories
57. I like to read James Patterson's books
58. I usually finish them in 1-2 days
59. I love the Sun
60. Especially laying in it
61. I find it relaxing
62. I love to watch College Football
63. Fall is my favorite season
64. I was a Tomboy growing up
65. I hated dresses and skirts
66. Now I would rather wear a skirt then a pair of shorts
67. I didn't wear make up until college
68. Even now I still wear very little (little mascara, shadow and lip gloss)
69. I want to start a non-profit company
70. Something to benefit and help children in the USA
71. I am still brainstorming but have lots of ideas
72. I think the health care system in our country is a joke
73. Medical bills are horrible, even with insurance they can be expensive
74. I had two girls in the NICU & Pediatrics for 2 weeks
75. I am a skeptic, I think its good to question things in the world
76. I am open to new ways of living and ideas
77. I believe Gay & Lesbians are born that way and should be allowed to marry who they love
78. I find my self very liberal on a lot of issues in the world
79. I think our public education system is outdated and broken
80. I think kids should learn all year round w/2 week breaks every so often (equaling the time they are off for the summer and holiday's)
81. I am not a teacher but feel they should be paid more and based on performance (I want the best teaching my kids and I know that is not me)
82. I love my morning cup of Coffee
83. w/2% Milk and a Lil Sugar
84. I want to write more letters (Not E-Mails)
85. Just need to find/make the time to do it
86. I like to make crafty cards
87. But haven't since we moved
88. I talk to my mom everyday
89. She is good at calming me down
90. Especially when I get overwhelmed, yes it does happen
91. I think it would be fun to write a book
92. Not sure what about
93. I still love to color in coloring books
94. with Crayons
95. I feel immature at 31
96. I think I will always feel this way
97. I love to paint pictures
98. Although I am not very good at it
99. I use to make Stained Glass Windows, so fun!
100. I would love to own a vacation house or flat in a foreign country (probably somewhere in Europe)


Anonymous said...

Wow, I think I knew most of it. Except painting.....You should write a book or children stories. About the girls. They say and do the funnies things. L, Mom

MaryCatherine said...

I like coloring books too :-D you're a great mommy!

Anonymous said...

Our girls are absolutely blessed to have you as their mother.


Anonymous said...

Ditto on Shawn's comment as well as a good daughter and friend and life partner and Daughter in law not that I think of you as such.....You are mine also, I just did not have the pain....Thanks Paula!!!!!

Erin said...

ditto on shawn's comment! loved to hear all these things! i knew a lot, but fun to find out more about you!!!

Molly said...

Love your list! I don't think I could come up with 100 things! I will help you start your non-profit . . .lots of love to you guys!

Jerry said...

Great list from a great person! You 'kids' are the best parents I know...thanks so much!

L, D