Monday, June 23, 2008

7 Amazing Years......

Yup today Shawn and I have been married for 7 years. I am always caught off guard at how fast it all really does go by. So on this glorious Monday morning I would to dedicate my blog post to Shawn, so it may get a little personal but nothing most of you don't know.....Tonight we are heading out to dinner at Silo while Uncle Joel watches the kiddos....Thanks Nanna and Grandpa.

Dear Shawn,

You truly are the man of my dreams and I am so lucky to be married to you. These last 7 years have been the best of my life along with the 3 years prior to marriage (good times in college and Boston, MA so fun!). So many memories we have created together. Boy have we been through a lot over the years. From our glorious wedding in the same church your parents were married in, in front of all our family and friends. Such a wonderful memory. From living with my brother in the 1st year in Seattle to finally getting our own place in Ballard. From bad jobs, you know the ones, to good jobs. From money issues to many Cougar Football Saturdays with fun food and good friends. To finding out we were pregnant the first time and your 3 hour nap after you heard the news. You just needed to soak it all in. To finding out we were having twins. Oh the excitement and joy and then the move to Issaquah. To that doctors appointment when we were told you are having these babies today if their lungs are developed, knowing that they were almost 8 weeks early. I was so scared and you were so strong. To being such a wonderful dad, the best in the world. I remember how excited you were in the hospital taking our guests up to the NICU to show off our two preemie newborn daughters. You were beaming! From all our visits to the hospital during your work time to bringing the girls home. To supporting my decision to go to part time at Medtronic and making it all work. We really are great together. From all of our talks over wine after the kids were in bed to always planning for the future. To being adventurous. To sharing your dreams and aspirations with me. To finding out we were pregnant again. I remember being a little scared to tell you as we were already really busy with the twins and growing out of the space we were living. Your reaction was priceless "I was thinking we should talk about having another child soon." You were so excited and I love you for that. Shoot, I think you were more excited then I was. To opening our Christmas card on Christmas Morning and finding out we were having a girl. You said "I actually was hoping we would have another girl." To Lila's birth in the wee hours in the morning on that March day. Another beaming moment for you. The proud Papa! To being strong when being down sized from Zango. To expressing your views of where you wanted us to be, I love how we are always on the same page and able to communicate so well. To living apart for 4 months for us to get here to Texas. Not an easy feat for either of us, but we did it, and are stronger for it. To picking out such a wonderful house for us to raise our children in. For all the love and support you show everyday for me and the kids. For the amazing you, I love you for you! I am so thankful to have you in my corner. Thanks for being my rock. Always supporting me and loving me for who I am, to love me for me, you are good at that. I love you so much I do not think there are words to describe my devoution to us, you and me. I love being in love with you. I love being the mother of our children. We are so great together so here is to many many years to come. I look forward to making more memories with you......

I hope you have enjoyed this trip down a bit of memory lane. I know there are some moments I didn't mention. I love you for those too!

All my Love,


Erin said...

happy anniversary kaelee and shawn! you truly complete one another! enjoy your night out!!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! Thank you Joel for taking care of our little girls, so their parents can have a nice quite dinner a lone. I owe you. Thank you Shawn and Kaelee for having such a wonderful relationship and the girls. You are blessed. I am so lucky..

Anonymous said...

You cannot know how much it means to Jerry and I that you get the special man that is Shawn and love him so well and together you kids are amazing parents, we never need worry about our precious little girls. And to share you with your Mom and to share Shawn with your Mom we truly are blessed I agree with Paula. Life is good! Thanks for sharing your family! We love you Pooh!
Grandpa & Nanna

Anonymous said...


I don't know that I can live up to all of that praise...I could reverse it from my perspective and write a novel describing how much of a lucky bastard I am to have landed someone so far out of my league! ha. Despite a few early predictions to the contrary, we have proven to be one strong team. haha.

We have also been roundly blessed and cursed, but I wouldn't have wanted to travel the last 10 years nor the next Forever with anyone else buy you, Kaelee Marie Harper.

Thnx for all that you do, with a special emphasis on being a truly super-mom to each of our three amazing girs (and of course DB) - and for caring and loving me so much, too. More than anyone deserves.

Thank you. And I love you always.


Molly said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! Hope you have a great night out! Great work Kaelee . . .Erich is lucky if he gets a "hey, I love you man" from me :)

MaryCatherine said...

Aww! it's a special man that has all girls! my daddy had three and Tyler works around so much radiation that I think he and I are destined for the same. :) Happy Anniversary to you two! I read your blog so much I feel like I know you! lol

amieable said...

Aw great post Kaelee, and happy anniversary to you both. I like knowing there are great couples out there that we can aspire to be like.