Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Harper Twins Tagged by Jackson.....




Kiara- (kee AHR ah) in Latin is means: Clear; bright; famous and in Irish it means Dark

Mikiah-Our orignal spelling was MIKAIA until Nanna made a quilt with her name on it misspelled (Its ok Nanna I like the new spelling), American not really sure the meaning...We liked Kia....but it was becoming too popular to we found a twist on it.

Age: 4

Kiara- Kiara Bear, KB
Mikiah- MJ

Kiara-Riding Bikes, Playing Tag, Playing Outside
Mikiah-Riding Bikes, Reading, Puzzles

Favorite Foods:
Kiara-Mac n Cheese, Hot Dogs, Broccoli, Apples, White Chicken Lasagna, Mandarins
Mikiah- Mac n Cheese, Breakfast Sausage, Creamy Pasta, Pizza, Apples, Bananas, Mandarins,

Favorite Music: Both-Anything from a Disney Movie or Barbie Movie, ABC Song, Wheels on the Bus, Kid music CD ANY (They sing along with most songs)

Favorite toys:
Kiara-Board Games (Candy Lane, Memory, Chutes & Ladders), Kitchen Toys
Mikiah-Princess Dolls, Barbies, Princess Dresses for Dress up, Books, Kitchen Toys

What Makes You Happy:
Kiara-Friends & Family Visiting, play dates, Chocolate Milk
Mikiah- Friends & Family Visiting, going places, Play Dates, Dressing up like Princess

What Makes You Sad:
Kiara-Shots (her answer, just had 4 year boosters)
Mikiah-When her sister falls asleep before her at bedtime

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Grandma Paula said...

Those were cute pictures of them when they were born and now. How they have changed. I love what they like. MJ is so thoughtfull of her sister falling a sleep first. That made me laugh. Great Job Kaelee. Love Mom