Friday, August 8, 2008

Painting, Painting and MORE Painting.....

Yes, that is what we have been up too.....Thanks to Home Depot running a 12 month no interest (which is a great way to buy things as long as you pay it off in those 12 months) we bought all the paint for most of the rest of the house and a big effing ladder.....(do I hear Christmas Lights all over the outside of the house!!!).....When we are done finishing this big feat of painting we will only have 2 bathrooms left to paint and the kitchen walls.....Can I just tell you all how crazy I am with my house in upheaval.....ahahhahah! Messy everywhere.....everything out of room on the counter to cook....I am going a bit insane.....but the walls look AWESOME....We have 1 more coat for the highest part of the ceiling and 1 more coat for 2 of the living room walls and then I can put the living, dining, kitchen back in order......We have finished the playroom, the upstairs hall, and downstairs entryway and most of the living room.......I was gonna post some pics today.....but I want to finish hanging some pictures and add few more touches before I post anything.....We hope to be done by Sunday Night.....which is when I am planning on posting all the pics.....We have the twins room and their bathroom left.....which both will be bright white and I will explain why later.......and over the next month or two the twins room will slowly transform into the room I have planned....then its decorating, decorating, decorating....which for me will be hard as I don't want the same pieces of artwork hanging on my walls that the neighbors may have......Yes, I want unique pieces of art that express who Shawn and I are....It will be fun.....Maybe I can even talk Shawn into painting some pics for the house (he is an awesome painter for those that didn't know).....Hope everyone has a great weekend....Especially Erin, Happy Birthday!!!!

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