Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I "WANNA" walk DB......NO! Me......

...Followed by screaming.....and pouting......Man this is becoming an every day, every walk argument.....and the outcome is always the same, one walks DB 1/2 way and the other walks DB the rest of the way home....Someday hopefully they will remember.....but when we start walking there is always whining.....and I explain it the same way each time.......Pretty soon I may just leave DB at home. Once we are on the walk they are all smiles and they both are pretty good at walking DB, it also helps that DB is 7 years old and knows when one of the twins is walking her.........So we just got home from a nice "Muggy" walk.....Yeah it has been a big muggy around here lately.....I suppose I will get use to it just like when Shawn and I lived in Boston for those two years......Not much else going on around here....Same, Same.....Just thought I would share a few pics of the girls walking today.....and a few from tomato watering (we forgot to water them last night and Kiara woke up after we put her to bed yelling "MOM, we forgot to water the Tomatoes!" She was pretty upset......So funny the things kids remember and when and how they react.)

This is Pissy Lila throwing a fit (she is a head thrower)

So Happy before the walk!

MJ Totally FUNNY FACE! (Love it!)

Kiara walking DB First.....

I think Lila likes walks cause she gets a snack! Yummy Grahams!

OK, both kids have given up walking DB (this is half way on our walk)

MJ has decided she wants to walk DB now.....Meanwhile, Kiara is throwing a fit behind me in the middle of the neighborhood!
Watering those tomatoes.....and Pepper Plant...(Kiara still inside thowing her fit)

Tuckered out Lila!


Anonymous said...

oh boy...

love the pics!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the girls are taking good care of the tomatoes...I'm planning on eating some in July.

L, D

MaryCatherine said...

I know all about the head throwing fits. Aren't they so much fun??

Molly said...

I love those fits! Sorry it's become standard routine :( Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

The girls are so darn cute, even when they are having a day!!! Love the pictures. DB looks like she was having a great time with the girls. What can I say about Lila. She just is!!!!
l, Mom