Thursday, April 10, 2008

Water Bottles, Water Bottles, Water Bottles.....

Well, I don't know about you, but I have been watching all the reports on water bottles and safety....I caught both Today Show pieces (yesterday and today)....Man talk about crazy. So some scientists are saying that we should not use water bottles with the Recycling Numbers 3,6,7.....Can I tell you that pretty much every water bottle I use (to help save the environment), is a number 7......Both my Camelbak and my Nalgene bottles and not to mention the kids Nalgene bottles....SO we are purging them from the house....bye bye to the recycling bin you go (So glad SA Recycling Program will take them, I don't feel as bad about getting rid of them).....I figure better to be safe then sorry, we are switching back to GLASS glasses for drinking water at the house and switching back to SINGLE use bottled water for the gym and outings......and we will just be diligent on recycling those after 1 use.........For the kids, who do not want to purge their water bottles, they are quite attached and actually take them to bed.....we will have to do some sort of project with them......maybe plant some seed in them or something........Some sort of science/growing experiment......I haven't figured it out yet.....but will soon......We may just be crazy and throwing away money, since there are no long term studies on the affects of some of these chemicals that could be leaching out.....the short term ones are enough for me and I am done taking chances with my family......There is nothing like a good old glass (made of glass)......Hey and it keeps the water colder longer!

Here is a Facts Sheet from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (

*if the link doesn't work due to lots of people trying to access, I have the doc and can email it


Molly said...

I hear you on the plastic bottles, it's such a bummer. I use an aluminum Klean Kanteen for my water bottle now and I love it! They have little ones with sippies and everything.

MaryCatherine said...

Yikes! my husband and I have Nalgene bottles...I guess I should chuck them. Loved the Library post by the way!

Sindy said...

It doesn't stop at your water bottles, they say you should't put plastic in your dishwasher or microwave it changes the chemicle composition.....BAD BAD BAD