Sunday, July 22, 2007

"Go to Sleep....Now...(Finger pointing and all)"

I know you all know how much I love Sundays.....its all about the morning cup of coffee and this morning it was about that and pastries from Panera Bread....their Egg Souffles' are awesome and make the perfect breakfast along side a sweet pastry such as a Chocolate Croissant!!!! I am so addicted to chocolate!.....After breakfast we loaded up Nana and Grandpa's rig with random stuff to store in Pullman and we also said goodbye to DB. We sent her early so she wouldn't be stressed out come moving day.....The shenanigans started early today...first the girls thought it would be fun to play in Lila's Cradle...they are so funny! I love Kiara's fake sleeping!

We were able to finally get all the girls bathed before nap time....Lila included. The big girls are really enjoying having their own shampoo, conditioner and hair spray (Detangler)......After nap the girls were up to more must have been in the air today.....they had fun playing in moving boxes....the best part was Kiara would get in the box and then MJ would try to close the box on her and before she would flip the last flap she would say (pointing her finger) "GO to Sleep Kiara, Now!" was pretty funny, it continued for a good hour or so!......I love that they entertain themselves.....So nice. More crazy an silly box playing below....the girls just love boxes they could play with them for hours.....nice that they are cheap entertainment!
I was able to go shopping today to pick up a few things for dinners this week.....I also remembered to get some bandannas for the girls....and of course I got one for myself too.....They love wearing we are all together!
Its been a really good day and we are counting down to our move. We reserved our moving truck today....I must say Penske is the most affordable rental truck company out there....I think that's about if for today....I will end with a too cute pic of Lila from today....Speaking of Lila I almost forgot (What a horrible mother I am)...Lila rolled over today....from stomach to back at 4:58pm!......I am betting she will be rolling over the other way within the next two days.....and she is almost sitting up.....Crazy how fast they grow!.....

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Molly said...

Love the pics! Bandanas are too cool!