Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th Everybody....

Here is a teaser.........More to come very soon.....

Ahhh ok, I finally have some time to sit down and finish this post. The past two days have been pretty great we went out the Gregg and Sindy's on Tuesday night for dinner and the girls got to see all of Gregg's animals.....well I should say Dogs and Birds. Gregg raises birds and dogs for hunting and what not, its actually really cool hunting with a dog and a hawk and no man made weapons. The girls ran around their property and watched the dogs run through the creek.....So fun. All this exercise for the girls has been so great they fall asleep as soon as they lay down, so great!....I too have been keeping up with my exercise I haven't missed a day yet. I even worked out on the 4th while everyone was taking a nap. I think I am slowly getting addicted to Anna/Jerry's Precor.....I love it.

Speaking of the 4th it started out great. We got the girls up and went to the Johnson Parade out in Johnson....For those of you who don't know or haven't heard of Johnson its a few miles from Pullman and literally it is just a few houses and old buildings on Johnson Road.....Shawn's Dad's family grew up out there on the Harper Farm....totally small town, if you could call it that.....but the parade is a big draw....the girls really enjoyed it and we met up with our friends Erich and Molly with their kids Darby and Trevor....Good times! The kids got to see some crazy crop duster pilots fly super low over the rolling fields (there is a video of it in the album below, can we say INSANE!), they got candy thrown at them during the parade and they also got sprayed with water (MJ was not thrilled about this since it caught her off guard).....After the parade it was back to the Harper House and nap time for the kiddies....and all the adults but me.....while all were napping I decided to work did it feel good....I love burning those calories!

The rest of the 4th was spent in the backyard and the pool. The girls love the pool so fun for them...I need to get them in swimming lessons I think they both would do really well. Mikiah also drew her first letter and of course it was and 'M'......she did it all by her self it was pretty cool.....We capped off the night with Fireworks with the neighbors....Karey, Pat and Holly.....the girls love Holly, she is 8, Mikiah just love her....But we did learn that Mikiah does not love fireworks she got to hold her first sparkler and man she hated it. She is totally afraid of fireworks.....good thing we didn't go to the big show at Sunnyside Park.....she would have hated it.....I was able to see the big show from the backyard....good to know for the future. Kiara on the other hand loved her sparkler.....she put on her serious face for it similar to when she got her haircut....she can be really really cute......It was a fun 4th!!! Oh one more thing I finished my night off with a small slice of Chocolate Cheesecake that Nana made for Shawn's birthday sooooo gooood!....For those of you who like chocolate this cheesecake is the best I have not only has cream cheese in it but it also has mascarpone cheese and sour cream....all with bittersweet chocolate...ahhhh I could so eat another piece....but I won't...that is until tomorrow!

So here are some pics from Tuesday and the 4th of July....oh and another thing....we can't seem to keep our kids faces clean...guess that is a sign of good times!

More 4th of July Fun

I almost totally forgot...I got my hair done on Tuesday....I love getting it done here its cheaper and my gal Fonda does such a great job....anyway I wanted to get some highlights which I haven't done in years.....I love them...they look awesome they are a golden blond....Love it...

Finally here is another video of the girls just being plain silly.....they continue to crack me up!!! love the song, they can dance to anything!

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